• Steven Wiley

    You will not be able to find a service provider in the DC metroplitan area anywhere close to AVA Installation for any Audio Video related work. Not only they offer quality work, amost no one can beat their pricing in the area. I have done a fair amount of research to build a home theater at my house and these guys turned out to be my best option and I am quite happy with my choce.

    date Aug 29 - 2012 Time 7:01 am
  • Michael S

    AVA Installation installed a video camera system on my car a few months back and they did such a great job. Not only I am quite satisfied with the quality of their work and service, I am also impressed with the post service support that they provided for answering questions and helping to operate the video camera. I highly recommend working with them.

    date Aug 29 - 2012 Time 6:56 am
  • Barbara Wheeler

    It is quite a great feeling when a company can take care of all your Audio Video needs end to end. My husband and I worked with this company for variety of services. They installed an alarm system on my husband's car, they installed a security camera for our house and they installed a stereo system for my son's car. All I can say is that these guys are very professional and experienced in the industry.

    date Aug 29 - 2012 Time 7:04 am
  • Alireza K

    No one can compete with them when it comes to pricing and quality. Rather than going to big companies like ADT and get charged a large amount, call these guys. You will be satisfied with their work.

    date Aug 29 - 2012 Time 7:06 am